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Ubu Faust

Ubu Faust
Drake Proscenium Theater
302 S. Hicks Street Philadelphia, PA 19102   view map
Wednesday, September 20, 2017  9:30 PM
Saturday, September 23, 2017  10:00 PM

Ubu assumes the role of Faust in this raucous, rapid-fire puppet comedy. Inspired by the plays of Alfred Jarry, the legends of Faust, and the traditions of Punch and Judy, Ubu Faust is a satirical exploration of a most grotesque and unlikable man and the lengths to which he'll go to satisfy his many hungers. Well, two. Two hungers. He really only has the two.

Contains boorish villainy, laughable special effects, gratuitous wordplay, and puppet sexuality. Minimal audience participation. Except in one bit. Well, three. Three bits. But they're simple. And relatively painless.

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